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The Opponent Finder Forum


You are ready to play and only need an opponent to step onto the field of honor with you – but where to find them? The most common way to look for a fight is to make use of the club's Opponent Finder portion of the Club Forums. There you can choose the particular game sub-forum in which you are interested, log in and make a posted challenge! You'll want to be as specific as you can, making sure to completely identify yourself and stating the game and scenario you want to play. Let your potential opponents know if you're looking for a single- or multi-player contest. Sometimes you'll find an opponent already looking for the match in which you're interested. After you've posted, it shouldn't take too long before someone takes you up on your offer. But if not, try expanding your gaming options. If you are seeking to play only the Battle of Fort Donelson, and are finding no takers, then you might want to expand your request to anything from WDS Shiloh. You should also include your personal email to be reached at. But because of computerized spammers and such it is highly recommended you place your email in some sort of code. Preferably something along the lines of mikesmith05<AT>gmail<DOT>com. It may seem silly, but it might save you from getting spammed by some bot looking to sell you a gold mine in Indonesia.


Opponents may come from anywhere in the club. A game between two Confederates or Federals is considered a “maneuver” while a game against an opponent from the other side is a “battle.” More on the differences of that later but the main thing is that you can play any other member as many times, or as few, as you like. The goal of the club is to help people forge new friendships while also partaking of a fun hubby in a healthy spirit of competition.


You will, hopefully, receive a few email challenges or replies directly on your posted thread. If you are having trouble finding opponents feel free to ask your instructor for assistance or even your commanding officer once you are assigned to an army.


Commentary: Over time you will discover some opponents you really enjoy talking to in emails and then some others who you simply are not suited with. Some members prefer little interaction outside of the turn itself while others enjoy a lengthy discussion on the war, movies, historical events, sports, women, beer, politics, travel, and so on. The important thing is to find other members who suit your style. I have played some opponents, off and on, for a decade and still find new things to talk about. Meanwhile, other members I have played I have battled once and decided that was enough and moved on. Once you find a few good opponents to play you will discover yourself spending most of your time playing them. That being said, never be afraid to expand your circle of opponents whenever possible!

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