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Mustering in the ACWGC


As mentioned in ACWGC 101, every officer in the ACWGC is expected to muster on a regular basis. Why do we do this? It's just to keep track of the active members in our club and to give the administration of the Club an idea as to the size and health of the membership body. 

When asked to muster, you can expect to do so in one of three ways. These include, but are not necessarily limited to, mustering within the Department of Records, being asked to reply to an email, or being asked to reply in a forum. 

As of April 2023, the process to muster is as follows for the various armies.

Confederate Army of Northern Virginia, Army of Tennessee; Federal Army of the Tennessee - Monthly utilizing the Department of Records mustering link.

Federal Army of the Potomac - Monthly via email through Chain of Command.

A 30-second video is shown below about how muster in the Department of Records (no audio).

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