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Club Rules


Although we greatly admire thinking outside of the box and taking chances in the realm of Civil War gaming we do still have a few rules we ask Members to follow.


Like any other Club we have a set of Club Rules we play by in the ACWGC. These rules can be viewed at anytime by visiting the Club’s homepage and clicking on the link there. The most important section to review is Section 6 on Gaming – it's main text is listed below. This section contains the only rules enforced by the Club's leadership regarding battlefield conduct in the games. The rules are few but must be followed by Members to ensure a fun and fair gaming experience by all.

6.1: Standard Rules


6.1.1: The following rules will be followed in all club games, unless all players agree to negate one or more of these rules. Players will not use wagons to cut off an enemy retreat. Players will not use officers not stacked with a cavalry, artillery, or infantry unit as scouts in front of friendly lines. Players who withdraw any of their forces from the battlefield map, other than via a designated Exit Hex or as specified in the scenario as a victory condition, shall suffer a two-step reduction in the level of victory. Player will not move routed units to deliberately cut off an enemy retreat. Units moved by the computer are exempt from this restriction.


6.2: House Rules, Optional Rules, Pace of Play. 


6.2.1: House Rules.  Before game play, opponents may voluntarily agree to certain House Rules for the game they are about to play.  These House Rules may contradict those in section 6.1. 


6.2.2: Optional Rules. Before game play, opponents will agree on the Optional Rules to be used for the game they are about to play.

6.2.3: Pace of Play.  Before a game begins, players may establish mutually agreed upon expectations regarding the return of moves by the involved players or teams.  Players or teams who subsequently cannot meet these expectations will inform the opponent(s) and, if necessary, reach a new agreement on timeliness of returning moves.  If players cannot reach a new agreement, the player/team unable to meet the former agreement will either concede the game at the current level of victory or find a level of victory mutually agreeable to all involved.  In the absence of an agreement, the player/team unable to meet the former agreement will take a 2-step reduction in the level of victory currently enjoyed.  


If you have any questions you can ask your Instructor or any of the staff here.


Violating the Club Rules will not get you lined up and shot against the wall. Every Member, if they are honest, will probably admit to having inadvertently violated them on occasion. This is more common with House Rules as players sometimes forget about rules agreed upon before a game if they have, perhaps, been playing it for months without issue. A gentle reminder of a Rule is almost always fully sufficient to have your opponent correct the issue as soon as possible. If you feel the player is intentionally violating the Rules repeatedly you can always request a game termination and simply “move on” or, if you feel the actions deem it necessary, alert your Club officials of the issue and let them suggest a possible resolution to the problem.

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