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Personnel Matters

The ANV has done an outstanding job mustering in July! Despite it being the middle of summer, and with so many people on family vacations, we reach 90% mustering for the first time in a long time this month. Excellent! A special thanks to my Corps and Divisional commanders for continuing their duties of staying engaged and trying to make sure those around them are having fun and gaming.



Medal History

Have you ever wondered just how many medals you've earned over your years in the ACWGC? Check out Medals and Honors | CSA Records where you can view a full listing of medals from the history of the Department of Records. 

August Anniversaries

The following officers will please step forward and be recognized.

Maj. Gen. Richard White! This month marks your 21st Anniversary in the ACWGC! You may now legally buy us all alcohol.

Generals Hank Smith and Bob Weir! It is the 20th Anniversary in the Club for these two old Army of Georgia officers.

Maj. Gen. Gary Krenek! This is your 17th Anniversary in the Club. I believe you have been a DC for 16 of those! 

Lt. Gen. Charles Schmidt! This month marks your 14th Anniversary in the ACWGC. 

Lt. Gen. Clint Matthews! This month marks your 11th Anniversary in the ACWGC. 


The following officers have been promoted:

Maj. Gen. Paul Swanson to Lieutenant General

Brig. Gen. William Stewart to Major General

Col. Lyle Smith to Brigadier General

Thank you for your time, gentlemen. Be sure to muster at the Department of Records for July. Next month's newsletter will contain more important information as I work to keep this the best informed and organized army in the ACWGC. 


This Month's Questions:

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August: General News and Notes

Gentlemen, thanks for checking out this month's Newsletter.

Tournaments! They just keep coming. Registration for the Border Madness Challenge begins August 1. If you are looking to play some of the "lesser" used games in the ACWGC than now is your chance to do so. Battles will be scheduled to take place using Campaign Ozark and Forgotten Campaigns. Be sure to sign up for a rare chance to whip the Yanks west of the Mississippi.

The Wild West 1863 Part Two Challenge comes to an end this month. The Rebel side has continued its dominance and has saved Vicksburg. If only we had been alive in 1863, we could have altered history.

The Big East 1862 Challenge rolls on around Chancellorsville. It will continue until the end of September.

Milestones are happening everywhere. Cameron McOmish reached 5,000 OBD points in his career and Tom Phillips is just a game or two away from completing 1,000 games in his career! Amazing. 

Last month's poll question was about Pickett's Charge and how it is remembered today. The consensus was that the change should have rightly been named "Lee's Charge." As to whether or not it is fair that it is called Pickett's Charge is more debatable. One person commented that the old Virginia bias won out and it has been remembered as Pickett's Charge as a result.