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March: General News and Notes

Gentlemen, thanks for checking out this month's Newsletter.

I am pleased to report that our muster for January was 88%. This is above our average of 80% since December of 2021. Keep up the excellent work. The Vicksburg Challenge begins today and will continue through the summer. More Challenges will begin later this year. If you haven't yet seen our YouTube Channel, I highly recommend checking it out. I have enjoyed watching the videos more than most of the shows on TV these days. Visit the Club's YouTube channel by clicking here.

Last month's poll question asked which western state you would like to visit to view Civil War related sites and battlefields. Louisiana was the most popular answer. I am more inclined to say Missouri as I feel there would be more to see overall, but I am in the minority on this one. When asked about which general banished to the west was the most deserving of a second chance in the east, your answers were more varied. Kirby Smith and Richard Taylor were the two most popular answers. John Magruder got a few votes as well. Magruder received my vote as his performance in the Seven Days Campaign, while poor, was no poorer than many others. 

How to Muster

Not sure how to muster exactly? Check out this 30-second video. Mustering in the DoR

Four Horsemen of the Confederacy

Want to see if you made the Confederate list of the most active, successful, or winningest generals? Check out Four Horsemen | CSA Records (

March Anniversaries

The following officers will please step forward and be recognized.

Richard Hamilton - 1998

Alessandro Staccioli - 2000

Alphonse DeMere - 2001

John Newton - 2006

Stefano Ciampoli - 2014

Lyle Smith - 2020

Tyler Knapp - 2021

Muster Feb.jpg
This Month's Questions:
Which decision was the most detrimental to south's chances of winning the Civil War?
If you had to name one individual who caused the military defeat of the south, who would it be?

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