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August: General News and Notes

Gentlemen, thanks for checking out this month's Newsletter.

Our mustering for July was at 90%. This is above our average overall and an excellent turnout! The Army of Tennessee is mustering at an equally high percentage which means the Confederacy is in great shape in both armies. Let's keep up the high-standards and make sure they don't surpass us. 

The "Dog Days" of August are upon us. Looking for a great album to listen to while playing this summer? Check out Atlanta Rhythm Section's "Dog Days" album from 1975. 

The Shenandoah Challenge is still ongoing with over 75 participants from around the Club. The battles have favored the Confederacy so far but I expect a tougher road ahead in the next Challenge which features the harder 1864 Valley scenarios. 

Signup for the 1864 Shenandoah Challenge begins today! Be sure to sign up and help keep the Valley safe from the arsonists in Sheridan's army.

How to Muster

Not sure how to muster exactly? Check out this 30-second video. Mustering in the DoR

Four Horsemen of the Confederacy - 2nd Half of 2023 Update

Want to see if you made the Confederate list of the most active, successful, or winningest generals? Check out Four Horsemen | CSA Records

August Anniversaries

The following officers will please step forward and be recognized.

Clint Matthews - 2011

Charles Schmidt - 2008

Gary Krenek - 2005

Hank Smith - 2002

Bob Weir - 2002

Rich White - 2001

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