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November: General News and Notes

Gentlemen, thanks for checking out this month's Newsletter.

The final Challenge of 2022 begins today with the start of the Fight to the Finish Challenge! Members are battling it out at Franklin and Petersburg as we wrap up the 2022 slate of games.

Next year's challenges will be announced soon. But expect more games and fun in 2023. We will explore some new titles which were not covered in either 2021 or 2022. This means new scenarios to explore and members to meet as we play through the WDS library of Civil War games.

As a reminder, the CSA War College is always open and being updated with new content. If you are ever looking for more information about scenarios, articles on gameplay, or really anything gaming related, it is the place to look. It is located at www.acwgcwarlibrary.net but is password protected. Contact either myself or your Corps Commander if you have forgotten, or need, the password.

Last month's poll question asked about how many games you prefer to play and how many titles you own. Among those who responded, the consensus was that we preferred to keep 3 or more games going at a time. It also seems most people own five or more titles from the Civil War collection. Excellent!

How to Muster

Not sure how to muster exactly? Check out this 30-second video. Mustering in the DoR

Medal History

Have you ever wondered just how many medals you've earned over your years in the ACWGC? Check out Medals and Honors | CSA Records where you can view a full listing of medals from the history of the Department of Records. 

November Anniversaries

The following officers will please step forward and be recognized.

Maj. Gen. Paul Siragusa! This month marks your 19th Anniversary in the ACWGC! You are almost through those troubled teen years. 

Brig. Gen. David Miller! This month marks your 16th Anniversary in the ACWGC! 

Maj. Gen. Neil Thomas! This month marks your 12th Anniversary in the ACWGC! 

Capt. Martin Spangler! This month marks your 1st Anniversary in the ACWGC! Many more returns, sir.

This Month's Questions:
Had Lee's resignation after Gettysburg been accepted, do you believe Longstreet would have led the ANV more effectively, less effectively, or the same?
If Longstreet wasn't selected to command the ANV, who would have been?
Hindsight being perfect, was Lee the best man to lead the ANV after the Battle of Gettysburg?

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