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Tech Help

The Stonewall at Gettysburg Challenge REQUIRES that you download a customized Order of Battle (OOB) and Scenario file (SCN) in order to play the game. 

The OOB file is necessary as it contains the Order of Battle for this customized scenario to work correctly. The Scenario file is also necessary as it contains the code to make the scenario work. 

Neither of these files will interfere at all with any other files in your game, nor affect any ongoing games in any way. 

Once registered for the tournament, I will email you with the files you need. 

Once you receive the files (via email) you will download them the same way that you do any regular turn you are sent from someone around the Club. 

You will then copy and paste the files you were sent (using the same method you use for turns) into the correct folders of the Gettysburg game on your Computer. If you download game turns directly into the game folder, you can do the same with these. 


The !Stonewall.oob file will be added to the OOB Folder of the Gettysburg game.


The !!!Stonewall at Gettysburg.scn file will be added to the SCN Folder of the Gettysburg game.


If you need additional help you can email me at any time. I will attempt to aid you in completing the above steps. You may also wish to ask for help from your friends around the Club, your gaming partners, or even a family member.

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