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Rules for the 2024 Tournaments

1. All Club Rules in Section 5 of the ACWGC Rules concerning Gameplay are applicable here.

2. House Rules are allowed between combatants. If the players cannot mutually agree on House Rules, they should both reevaluate Rule 9 below, then see if they can find a mutually agreeable way to proceed. If not, please review Rule 9 one last time. If you still can't (or won't) agree on acceptable terms, the game should be dropped and will remain unplayed.

3. I cannot force any player to play with House Rules as these are not officially sanctioned by the ACWGC. 

4. Melee in Column is allowed per Club Rules unless the players opt for a House Rule barring them.


5. All Optional Rules may be negotiated between the participants. If you cannot agree on the Optional Rules then I suggest playing with all of them checked except Manual Defensive Fire, Artillery Capture, and Limited Artillery Unlimber. See Rule 9 below for further advice.

6. Once the game is completed please contact me at as soon as possible with the result. 

7. Participants are expected to register their games in the DoR as a battle.

Note: All games should be recorded in the DoR with the end result as it is on the Victory Dialog screen.

8. Grievances - remember this is all for fun! But should you have any major issues please contact 

9. FUN!!! Remember we are all here to have fun and enjoy these great games. Don't ruin your experience and someone else's by taking it too seriously. 

10. Scenario selection - I chose the scenarios I did based on a number of factors such as their length, numbers, playability, and fairness. Some of you will love them and others will not. What one Member might consider a perfectly playable and fair scenario another might deem unwinnable and a disaster. Factors such as experience, tactics, and your own positive (or negative) attitude can affect all of this. Please remember there are no perfect scenarios

11. This office reserves the right to alter the timelines depending on extraordinary circumstances. I always try to be fair-minded and admit the possibility of unforeseen circumstances changing things. 

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