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Gaming Information

What are "Blake's Multiplayer Games"?

I often create my own Multiplayer Games which are historically based but fictional scenarios. These setups are unique and "even" and are meant to be played between teams of players. 

What makes them "tough"?

All of my Multiplayer scenarios are played as double-blind games. This means that none of the participants will ever be able to see the entire setup (initial placement of units, reinforcements, or numbers involved). Each side will only have full access to their own information but never that of the other side. This makes reconnaissance, teamwork, and strategy doubly important.

What else makes them difficult?

The reality is that many of the games we play are borderline unrealistic bloodbaths in which commanders have no need to rationalize their losses because there is no "tomorrow". Actual Civil War generals were constantly reminded about the importance of keeping their army intact and of minimizing losses for both political and military reasons. Even the most bloodiest of battles rarely saw casualties exceed 35% of the available men engaged for either side. Therefore, I have set casualty limits for both sides which will automatically result in a defeat should either side lose too many men in the battle. 

Screenshot 2021-08-01 212000.jpg

How do you determine who wins?

This also is different from traditional games. Instead of declaring a winner based on victory points a winner is determined by who can take and hold certain objectives on the map. The other way to win is to wreck your opponents army and force them to retreat (by reaching their casualty limit). 

How can I get involved in one of your games?

Just email me and we can talk! I do require that anyone who volunteers to play be very mindful and considerate of the others in the Multiplayer game. We ask all players to return their move within 48 hours of receiving it. Failure to do so will result in another member of your team being asked to make your move for you to keep the game progressing. 

When does the next Multiplayer Game start?

I usually only start one game every month or two. It really depends on a number of circumstances. If the number of people who want to get involved increases more I will probably increase the number of games. But as of now I try to just run two games at a time. 

What are your After Action Reports?

Because I can't play in the games (as it would ruin the fun of it being a double-blind game) I watch the games as they are being played as an impartial observer. While watching I read all the communications between players and view each move as it occurs. To further enjoy the experience I take the time to create a unique After Action Report for each battle. These reports can be quite long but are a lot of fun to review once completed and can help the players assess their own skills, decisions, and weaknesses from a seldom-seen vantage point. 

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