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Zone of Control

Mil 207

Zone-of-Control (ZoC)

The three facing hexes in front of a unit are called its Zone-of-Control (see picture below). However, Leaders, Routed units, Limbered, Uncrewed, and Spiked Artillery do not have a Zone-of-Control. When a unit enters the Zone of-Control of an enemy unit, it cannot move anymore in that Movement Phase. Under normal rules, a unit cannot retreat through an enemy Zone-of-Control.


As a Member of the ACWGC you will, inevitably, hear the terms “Hard ZoC” and “Weak/Soft ZoC”. Once upon a time all the games we played featured a Hard ZoC. What does that mean?


A Hard ZoC does not allow an enemy to move from one ZoC hex into another ZoC hex – nor to retreat through one. Any unit that loses a Melee Combat, and whose paths of retreat are covered by enemy ZoC, is automatically captured. A Hard ZoC also does not allow enemy units to “slip between” large stacks defending a line.


A Weak ZoC allows an enemy unit to make a singular move from one enemy ZoC to another. It also allows units to retreat through an enemy ZoC rather than be captured. These changes forced players to cover more ground and to use smaller stacks in longer, thinner, lines than they used to with a Hard ZoC.


Commentary: Personally, I enjoy both modes equally as they offer a different set of challenges to the player. With a Weak ZoC you need to cover more hexes and extend your lines more than you need to under a Hard ZoC. With a Hard ZoC you will see larger stacks and need to watch your flanks more or risk being outflanked and caught in an enemy ZoC and unable to fall back. Both ways are fun to play with. But I must admit that a Weak ZoC is now the Club standard.


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