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Graduate Studies

Because you can never be too prepared to meet the enemy in the field.


Some of you might be wondering, "is that it? I need more training!"

If you are still unsure about your skills on the battlefield, or feel you could use some extra coaching, whether Reb or Yank, feel free to contact Michael Barycki [soccercw*at*] or Blake Strickler [blake*at*] and we will happily get you involved in a more advanced game than you did for your basic training. In your Advanced Training you will go over the major differences between the Union and Confederate mentalities in battle. Expect to challenged in these matches but to also learn a lot. A positive attitude and a willingness to learn from your mistakes are key. 

Any of our Trainers are also happy to offer a second game should you feel the need to review more of the basic aspects of gaming before taking on the grizzled veterans of the Club or moving on to Graduate Studies.

Everyone is also strongly encouraged to check out their War Library and return to it often while a Member of the Club. These libraries are constantly being updated and expanded to include as much information as possible about the games we know and love. 

The staff here wishes you nothing but the best during your time with the Club! Our doors will remain forever open to you. Y'all come back!

Union Tips

Confederate Tips

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