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Basic Training

Here you will find all of the Information you will need to get started in the ACWGC. These are the building blocks of Club Membership.


Welcome to Basic Training! It is time to start going over real issues that you will face as a Member in the ACWGC. Up to now it's been all glitz and glamour - parades and such. But now we get down and dirty and learn what it means to be a Member of the ACWGC. We play using an Honor Code and a set of club-created rules to keep us all on a level field. We register our games in a central database so we can distribute points fairly for battles completed. We handle promotions for the non-General grades using an automated system but for the general grades a whole different system. Lastly, we also have individual game rules, combat rules, and forum usage to discuss. 

This may not be the most interesting information you have ever read in your life but it will make your transition into the Club go smoother and will answer many of the most asked questions by recruits. Basic Training is designed as a general introduction to Club topics and how we function. Each topic is broken down below in our training guide. 

Once you are done reading the information you can feel free to head over to the Advanced Training area for further instructions, browse the Campus, or even test your skills over at the Study Hall. The Advanced Training area is where we start to build up your skills as an Officer and go over tactical and strategic matters. For even more information beyond the Basic and Advanced you can visit your side's War Library. Ask your instructor for the password as those areas are Top Secret and viewable only to those in your army group. 

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