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Advanced Training Test

1. What does "Manual Defensive Fire" control in the Optional Rules settings?
2. What is the main difference between a Weak Zone of Control and a Hard Zone of Control?
3. Which of the following is NOT a part of the Club Rules?
4. How many men do artillery units field during a melee combat?
5. Why is it often preferable to fire all of the units in hex at once rather than individually? Select all that apply.
6. When a Cavalry unit is DISMOUNTED how are their effective numbers altered?
7. A defensive unit in a Disrupted state suffers which penalty during a melee?
8. When launching a melee from multiple hexes into another one which hexside modifier is counted against you?
9. If all the attacking units in battleline, either Infantry or Cavalry, attack from a hexside which the defenders are not facing than...
10. Hexside Modifiers can be combined with Breastworks to increase your protection during which event?
11. Defensive structures can be built in many scenarios. But which of the following are you unable to build in any scenario?
12. When firing from the higher ground which of the following is a true statement:
13. When rebuilding a bridge what percentage of its maximum strength must it be to cross with infantry and a dismounted leader?
14. A Supply Wagon with a strength of 400 may resupply how many men?
15. What does the Optional Rule "Mixed Organization Penalty" do?
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