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Advanced Training

Building upon the Basics



I am glad to see you all back for the more advanced training in the Art of Warfare. In the Basic Training portion we covered mostly the basics of Club Membership and interactions. In this part though we will get down to the more interesting and important topics of battlefield success. Here we will go over how the gaming mechanics work on a more minute level and how you can use those mechanics to your advantage. 

To be honest - if you want to win more than you need to read these. Some people are okay with just playing for fun and seeing 'what happens' and that is fine. But if you are as competitive as most gamers are than you want to win! 

Once you are done with these I suggest heading to either the Study Hall for some "test your knowledge" questions or to the War Library for our most advanced training information. The more you know the more dangerous you become on the battlefield!

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