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Ending Games at the DoR


Once your training game has been completed with your instructor you will need to end the game at the DoR.


1) Return to the Department of Records at and log in to your account.
















2) After logging in you will see the main menu of the DoR. You will select the second option to “End a Current Game.”




3) You will then see a screen asking you which game you would like to end. You will select your current training game with your instructor. You will also fill in how many turns were played, the winning side of the game, and what the victory level was for that side. After that you will hit “Submit” at the bottom.














Your task is now complete! The game is closed and the points distributed to the participants. In the future you can repeat these steps to end other games you are engaged. A game can only be ended once so be sure to put the information in correctly. Worst-case scenario is that if you make an error you can contact your Army Commander to have the game deleted and then reregistered correctly.


If you are curious to see your Gaming history or Officer Battle Dossier (OBD) you would return back to the “Front Page” (main menu) and click on “Reports.” You will then see a number of different options to explore within the DoR. Feel free to look around the DoR as it contains a lot of data – some interesting, most, not so much. But the DoR is our storage bin for games played and records and is a great asset to the Club! Be sure to use it when you are gaming to receive your points.

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