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Posting a Training Report


All Cadets:

One of the responsibilities of a new cadet is to post a welcome note at the ACWGC Forums. To do this just follow the steps below.


1. Go to the ACWGC Forums at From there you will log in to your forums account with the information provided to you by your instructor and/or the Commandant.


2. After logging in you will see a number of Club forums to explore and look through. All cadets are restricted from posting outside of the Mason Dixon Tavern. This is where you will post your welcoming note.




3. After entering the Forum you may see other reports from past cadets to view. Feel free to read any that you like.


4. To post on the forum you will click on “New Topic” on the top left of the forum.


5. A new window will appear where you can enter your welcome letter. Be sure to include a title on the top and a few brief sentences or comments about yourself. When you are done just hit the “submit” button at the bottom of the page.

6. Your report will now be posted in the Mason Dixon Tavern. You will have completed your assignment once that is done.


Why do we ask this? Just to make sure all new members have access to the ACWGC forums and can post there without issues. That’s all.

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