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The ACWGC uses Officer Battle Dossier (OBD) points to determine rank in the Club. The OBD points are awarded for games played, Club administrative work, and other Club services rendered. These points are displayed and distributed at the DoR. Also, within the DoR is the “Field Promotions” link under the Reports menu. For more information on the DoR see ACWGC 152 Registering a Game at the DoR.


Once you click on Field Promotions you will see your own OBD point total and a list of the points required for rank advancement in the Club. Pulling from the Club Rules the needed points are listed below for promotion:


3.3.2: Promotions from Lieutenant through Colonel are automatic and self-initiated through the DoR.  The following are the requirements for ranks below brigadier general:

  • Cadet - (upon enrollment in Military Academy)

  • 1st Lieutenant/Field Lieutenant - 30 points (promoted to such upon graduation from the Military Academy)

  • Captain - 45 points

  • Major - 60 points 

  • Lieutenant Colonel - 75 points 

  • Colonel - 150 points 


3.3.3: General Officer promotions require only GinC approval after meeting the following criteria:

  • Brigadier General - 300 points 

  • Major General - 450 points; current role as DC, CC, AC, or Academy Commandant; CoS to either AC, GinC, or Academy Commandant

  • Lieutenant General - 600 points; current role as CC, AC, GinC, or Academy Commandant

  • General - 800 points; current role as AC, GinC, or Academy Commandant


Within the Field Promotions tab you can be automatically promoted when you achieve the next required rank level by clicking on the “Open Message” when it is available at the bottom of the page. Automatic promotions will take place until you reach the rank of Brigadier General at which point you will need Cabinet approval for further promotions. After you reach the 300 point mark and click on “Open Message” an email will be sent to your commanding officers alerting them of your achievement. 


Over the years I have seen people reach the rank of full General within a year and others stay below the general ranks for years. Nonetheless, regardless of rank, all Members are treated equally and the military ranks have little actual value in the Club. Your advancement all depends on how much gaming you do and how much volunteer work you do for the Club’s administration. Your participation and gaming in the Club is the key to our continued success and longevity.

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